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Ten Things Every Girl Should Have in Their Makeup Bag

Just as every clothes wardrobe needs a pair of neatly fitting jeans and a little black dress to pull it together, so there are some essential staples which every girl needs in their make up case.

1 – Tinted SPF – foundation is important for a professional finish but that doesn’t mean that you have to use one. A tinted SPF moisturizer will do the job just as well with half the amount of time and effort involved. A semi sheer tint is perfect for most complexions with just the right amount of cover to allow your natural beauty and glow shine through. If you suffer from shine you may also need to include a translucent setting powder.

 Makeup Bag

2 – Concealer Stick – essential to cover up blemishes and dark circles beneath the eyes. You can blend with a brush or your fingers whichever you prefer – but this is something which every girl really needs in her make up bag.

3 – Color for Your Cheeks – go for something neutral which won’t make you look like a painted doll or clash with your outfit or your lipstick. A nude pink or natural bronzer will help to shape your face and give your complexion a lifting glow.

4 – Highlighter – highlighting might be subtle but it makes a big difference so don’t be tempted to skip it. A few well placed highlights can make the world of difference raising the results of your make-up from average to something amazing. Don’t go for something too sparkly, a nice subtle sheen is by far the most flattering. Apply to the tops of the cheekbones, cupids bow of the upper lip and the corners of the eyes.

5 – Mascara – surely every girls knows about the magical difference a sweep of mascara can make to their appearance. For best results choose mascara with a multi tasking wand to avoid clumping. Apply two or three thin coats for the best results on both the upper and lower lashes. Girls with dark hair can opt for black, gray or brown mascara whereas the fairer ladies are better off sticking to brown or gray shades.

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6 – Eye Shadow Palette – with at least three shades of the same color for a quick make-up job. The medium shade should be washed over the eye lid, the darker shade in the socket and lash line to create depth and the lighter shade for highlighting the center of the eye lid and the inner corners of the eyes.

7 – Eyeliner – whether you choose a kohl pencil, liquid liner or gel liner, this is the essential ingredient when it’s time to add a touch of drama to your make up. Again if you have fairer coloring you should pick a dark brown eyeliner rather than black.

8 – Daytime Lipstick – natural lip color can make the world of difference when it comes to finishing off your face and is highly preferable to naked lips. Choose a shade which is close to your lips for a sheer, polished finish which will not only look great but also help to keep your lips soft and supple.

9 – Bold and Daring Lipstick – for when you need to make a statement with your lipstick. A bold red or bright pink lipstick can make the difference between a day at the office and something a little more daring for post work drinks.

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10 – Lip Liner – essential to stop the lip color from bleeding around the edges, whatever color lipstick you choose.
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