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Shopping with Pretty Girls

If it’s the holiday season, then it means one thing: time to pick up girls out shopping!

If you don’t have much experience or familiar in picking up women who are out shopping for shoes or shellfish, you might think this is rather tough… I mean, walking up to some girl in the middle of a well-lit store and just… thumping on her? Isn’t that clear?

In fact, there are a number of more-or-less easy ways of going about running pickups in shopping areas, whether malls or shops or grocery stores. A bit of a sense of humor helps a lot; while you can draw on direct openers out shopping, they often come off a bit too brawny.

Shopping with Pretty Girls

Mostly, what you’ll be all ears on creating in a shopping milieu is a feeling of fate, fortune, or destiny… you and the girl met because you plainly had to meet. It was written in the stars. This helps you bring some holiday applaud into the lives of some gorgeous, lonely women out in the wide world.

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